Clicks, Pops and Buzzes – good bad or ugly?

Electricity is everywhere around us. Almost everything in our homes is dependent on it. And sometimes it talks to us…

Click. Click click. Clickety click click.

When electricity jumps a gap, it makes a little spark. It’s kinda like a miniature lightning bolt, with it’s own mini thunder – a sharp click. If your light switch makes a loud clicking when it gets turned on, the contacts in the switch are most likely getting worn. (I don’t mean the solid mechanical click of the actual switch mechanism – but you knew that). If it sounds wrong, appears to spark, or randomly clicks and blinks the lights – get it fixed. Before it becomes buzz, or pop.

Pop! Pow! What was that?

Something went bang, and now half the house has no power? Sounds like rain. No, seriously – rain water gets into outdoor lights and shorts out the wiring. The circuit breaker senses the excess current, and turns off suddenly – with a popping sound. Or, like a client a few weeks ago, someone accidentally clamped the toastie maker’s cord in with the bread. It went pop all right! Call the sparky if you don’t know what did it, and especially if it pops again straight away when you try to reset the breaker.

Buzz Buzz, I wonder why it duzz?

I had a call the other day, to a ‘buzzing switchboard’. “It buzzes when the stove is on, see?” (cue buzzing sound, thin wisp smoke, and horrid acrid electrical smell). The buzzing is a constant stream of sparks. If it’s buzzing and crackling, turn it off. If you just ignore it, you’ll be needing these guys.

Electricity is useful, and safe if controlled. It’s also silent by default. If it’s talking to you, it’s getting out of control. Contact your local sparky.