• We make your ideas a reality
    We make your ideas a reality
    Need an extra light, or had some other idea pop up? Let's create!
  • Create your world
    Create your world
    Creating your dream can be as simple as adding a light switch, or as complicated as a multi-storey home. Why not let Wiresplus help create your unique space?

You dream, we’ll create! We are your technicians of choice for many tasks…

  • New Wiring
  • Alterations
  • Relocations
  • Alarms
  • Controls
  • Websites
  • …and more!

We’re here to make things happen for you. Why not contact us?


  • Patch Panels and Data Wiring
    Patch Panels and Data Wiring
    From simple domestic internet connections to multi-story commercial patch panels, if you need better connectivity - you're in the right place!
  • Switchboards and Controls
    Switchboards and Controls
    From a simple fuse or two, to a fully automated home, the choice is yours!

We connect you to your world. Here’s a few things we connect up…

  • Phones
  • Data Wiring
  • Garden Lighting
  • Power points
  • Lights
  • Switches
  • Meters & Switchboards
  • Appliances
  • Alarms
  • Electric Gates
  • …and anything else with wires in it!

Not only that, but we’re also doing websites and web hosting.Contact us now.

Let’s get connected today!


Your limit is your imagination. If you want a bell to ring if your teenager’s been longer than 16 minutes in the shower; OK! Want the entrance hall’s lights to turn on if you drive down the driveway in the dark? No Problems!

We create stuff. We make stuff happen. We let you control what happens. That’s what our specialty is!

Industrial controls. Home automation. Pumps. Control panels. Burglar Alarms. Gates. Access doors…

You name it: we can control it (excludes the weather and a few other things!)

With control comes power. Control your surroundings, and you’ll be surrounded with power. Control? Power? that’s Wiresplus! Contact us now.