I can do that….

There’s a bit of confusion out there about what you can and cannot do without calling a sparky.

In layman’s terms, the rules are:

  • You must be a homeowner. The work can only be at your home. You cannot do electrical work for a mate, workplace, community centre, church, etc. Not even if you own the place.
  • You may replace fittings, such as light switches, power points and light fittings. You can disconnect and reconnect your stove.
  • You can shift a switch or power point, but you may not extend the wiring.
  • If you install any new wiring, you must have it inspected and the electrician must sign it off before livening it.

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It’s pretty simple really. The best thing to do is leave it to a tradesman and know it is safe and right. Some insurance policies specifically exclude homeowner electrical work – be safe rather than sorry.