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Covid 19 Special Announcement

We are all in this together – apart! We’re Isolated yet United. Stay safe, follow official advice and let’s kick this virus out of NZ

Wiresplus is classed as an Essential Business

This means we are able to continue working during Level 4 Alert with the following restrictions:

  • We will have increased Hygiene Practices in place, including regular sanitizing and PPE.
  • We will not shake hands on arrival like usual.
  • We may need you to vacate the area while we are working.

We will also need to consider whether the job is Essential or Non-Essential. Essential things are typically urgent and necessary, such as

  • No hot water
  • Pump not going
  • Power points not working
  • Lights not working
  • Machinery not working (commercial customers)

Non-Essential services are those which can be delayed without causing a problem. Non-Essential things include

  • New wiring
  • Additions and modifications
  • Upgrades and replacements

These will have to wait for the Level 4 Alert to be lifted, sorry.