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Controls And Automation

We’ve got smart solutions from simple sensors to advanced PLC Automation & Control. Stop, start, adjust, position almost anything…

This is our passion! Stop, start, adjust, position almost anything, and in the expected way. Move product, start machinery in sequence, you name it we make it happen. I’ve even made a celebratory horn toot when a sale over a certain figure got made for a client! Today’s technology allows far more control and integration than ever before.

Machines that automatically pass product to each other, screens that show processes and errors, the possibilities are endless! Call and discuss your needs.

Cool Project: We fully automated a shipping pallet company’s repair line. Stacks 18 high of damaged pallets are lowered and fed one at a time to the workbenches, then taken and stacked up again at the end. The whole thing is automatic, and it looks like a living beast when it’s in full swing!

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