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Faults & Troubleshooting

Let us get you back up and running fast. With 20 years of troubleshooting experience with a range of machinery and technologies, we fix it faster than you’d think.

Sometimes things do go awry. If it goes pop (or bzzzzt!) or simply doesn’t go any more, we’re your saviours. Electricity is invisible and powerful, yet to us it is simple too.

Funny Story: I once drove 22km to a factory to find why their CNC machine was not going. They had parked a pallet of product on the safety mat. Duh!

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From an extra point to a major house revamp, we can help! From an extra 3-phase outlet to a whole new bay added to your shop, we’re here to

Data & Networks

Not everything is Wi-Fi. We run outlets for PCs, Printers, Displays, Servers, Network Cabinets, Patch Panels and so on