Control and Automation

We’ve got smart solutions from simple sensors to advanced PLC Automation & Control. This is our passion! Stop, start, adjust, position almost anything, and in the expected way. Move product, start machinery in sequence, you name it we make it happen. I’ve even made a celebratory horn toot when a sale over a certain figure got made for a client! Today’s technology allows far more control and integration than ever before. Call and discuss your needs.

Faults & Troubleshooting

Sometimes things do go awry. If it goes pop (or bzzzzt!) or simply doesn’t go any more, we’re your saviours. Electricity is invisible and powerful, yet to us it is simple too. Let us get you back up and running fast. With 20 years of troubleshooting experience with a range of machinery and technologies, we fix it faster than you’d think.

Data & Networks

Premise wiring: Not everything is Wi-Fi. We run outlets for PCs, Printers, Displays, Servers and so on.
Patch Panels: The nerve centre of your network, where all those wires come to one place, has to be done right. Network cabinets, patch panels, switches and such don’t have to be so technical that you need a PhD to connect your PC. Let us make you a tidy, self-explanatory solution.

Phone Wiring

Yes, it still exists. In fact, with the patchy coverage around here the good old landline still has a place. Businesses with digital phone systems, homes with a single outlet – we do them all. And remember, your internet router still has to plug in to get it’s signal from somewhere..


Alarms / Control Panels: These days, the term ‘Burglar Alarm’ has been replaced by ‘Control Panel’ – because that’s what people are doing with them. Wireless remotes turn the security system on or off, open doors, turn on lights, whatever… and there’s an app for your phone too. Secure your home or business the easy way with us.


Identify your surroundings for peace of mind. CCTV has many uses, only one of which is crime. Who’s at the door? What’s the dog doing? Did I leave the gate open? These and other daily questions can be solved with cameras. Businesses love the health and safety benefits too: monitoring staff, warehouses, traffic areas etc. Cameras can open gates, trigger alarms, or simply record the fact that yes, you did put the item in the customer’s shipment. Talk to us about how we can make your life simpler with CCTV.

New Wiring

We take care of all your electrical needs for your project. From plan to grand opening, we can help you stay powered. Tidy, practical solutions to all your needs will make you glad you chose us! Start Here

Alterations, Adds, Moves & Changes

From an extra point to a major house revamp, we can help! From an extra 3-phase outlet to a whole new bay added to your shop, we’re here to make it easy, tidy and practical. Ready to talk? Call now.