Terms & Conditions

Here’s the fine print – but not in fine print.

We, Us and Our means BJ & JA Simpkin trading as Wiresplus Electrical. You and Your mean the person or entity that we address the invoice to.


We’re a small family business trying to make ends meet. We’ll do our best for you, and we take pride in what we do and how we do it. You are expected to play fair in reciprocation. Honesty and integrity are paramount.

Net 7 Days

All our invoices are strictly net 7 days from invoice.

For most projects over $10,000, we require 30/30/30 deposits: 30% on acceptance of quote, 30% at end of prewire, 30% at end of fit-off, and the remainder upon final sign-off.

If you ask us to perform work or supply goods, it is deemed acceptance of these payment terms.

Online Purchases

If you purchase goods from our website, you agree to pay up front with order. No goods will be dispatched without payment being evidenced on our bank statement.


Hey, we’re human. Mistakes happen. We’ll do our best to fix mistakes, and if we’ve made one that affects you, simply let us know politely and we’ll deal with it. We like to front up, shake hands and do business personally – and we’ll fix issues the same way.

Professional Contacts

Our Accountant: Frontline Taxation, Wellsford

Our Lawyer: Webster Malcolm Law

Health & Safety

See our policy here