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Alarms & Monitoring

What is the point of an alarm if no-one hears it, or does anything about it when it goes off? It could be an intruder, a smoke alarm, anything!

We offer monitoring for all our alarm installs. We can also monitor factory and machine alarms, so things like remote pumps and such things can be monitored for faults and proactively responded to in a timely manner.

To get connected, simply head over to the AlarmWatch registration form and fill it out.

You don’t even have to have had us install your alarm! We can monitor any alarm – just fill the form and we’ll be in touch 🙂

Alarms don’t have to be intruder alarms. One factory we service has a furnace that runs 24 hours & mustn’t cool down below 600 Degrees. The “undertemperature” alarm is monitored so that even if there’s no one there, the foreman can respond before it costs them thousands.

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