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Wiresplus Automation are the approved Auckland area Breakdown Service Agent for the popular FastFlo Submersible Pumps

When Sh*t Gets Real…

FastFlo submersible pumps are used to lift wastewater from low-lying properties up to the council sewer. Some are Grinder pumps, which have a cutter blade that munches everything up before pumping, others are a Vortex pump, which have a large intake and can pump sewer – lumps and all. Both types will clog and fail if you flush fibrous items like tampons, pads, wet-wipes, chux cloths, loo seat cleaning cloths, etc etc.

When the light and or alarm come on, it indicates that the pump has not emptied the chamber (for one or more of several reasons). You have only limited storage before the liquid level reaches a point which prevents access to the pump. Leaving it for a few days is not an option.

Wiresplus will respond as soon as possible, and assess the situation. If needed, a septic pump truck will be called to suck out the chamber. Then we remove the pump, clear the blockage, reinstall and test. It’s normally a fairly straightforward (and smelly!) process.

We need you to understand these conditions:

  • You fill the form = You pay the invoice. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If you are a tenant, either you agree to pay or you get your landlord/manager to fill this form. If it is a blockage, expect your landlord to forward the cost on, anyway.
  • Septic pump trucks can charge anywhere from $600 to $1000 plus GST depending on your location, the ease of access, the volume of liquid removed etc. Wiresplus will add the truck’s charges on to our invoice.
  • Our invoice will be a minimum of $350 plus $100 travel, + GST. ($517.50) Any parts replaced etc will be added on.
  • If we need to fit a new pump, it will be sourced from FastFlo and installed by us. It will have the factory warranty. The basic FastFlo Vortex pump is currently priced at $1249.89 + GST. Cutter pumps are more like 4 grand.
  • Don’t try and get us to charge someone else later, or make us wait while you have your little squabble with your landlord/owner/manager/plumber/pet cat. We will not go changing the invoice – it’s not fair and just wastes everyone’s time

OK, I’ve Got All That, Can You Just Come Already?

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